SmartTube Next not saving search results

I have been using an older version of SmartTube Next for a long time except all of a sudden last week my search results would no longer show up as opened the search box. I have never logged in nor have I ever had to log in to my Goggle account to have my search results being saved on the app. I then uninstalled it & reinstalled it from Troy’s toolbox, but still having the same problem. Has anyone else noticed this when they use it lately? I’m going to try downloading am older blue 18.14 version which I had before this craziness occurred.

I use Smart Tube on Onn and Firesticks, when I do a search I noticed that for sometimes now that the prior searches are no longer updated, the older ones are still there. I assume this is what you are talking about. (I might be wrong).
But if so … you aren’t alone, it’s the same on all my devices, I update whenever a update is available.

I discovered the issue was with my VPN. When I used the city of Atlanta & used the app, it would cause the search results not to be saved. It’s very strange & has never happened before. But when I use any other city, the search results are saved & all of my previous search results show up. Don’t know why this happens but at least I now know why. If you are using a VPN try using different cities & then check your search results.

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