Smarttube Next isn't working

UPDATE: I manually installed the update and now it works fine.
It shows me logged in, but when I tried to display my channels it’s blank and asks me to log in. I go to that screen but it won’t load the user code. Is this part of YouTube’s ad blocker efforts? Would like to know if anyone else is having this issue, thanks.

Make sure you are signed in. Also, there was an update yesterday.

I am also having that problem . The update didn’t work .

Try an uninstall and reinstall.

Having the same issue.

Also just happed to me today November 2nd, prompt says only works on Firefox or chrome browsers i am using Davida shield. tried rebooting and signing in but it wont let me

Same here stopped working recently, had to uninstall app dl and reinstall then immediately check for updates then install new update then it finally allowed me to login with a user code…keep trying it should eventually work.

Did the update and working again , thanks

It started working again about 1 hour after update thanks