Smarters Pro organizer add on?

I have tried searching with no luck.
I believe I read a blurb in a write up (maybe from the Alibab articles) which said there was an App add on that made editing/organizing the EPG on Smarters Pro possible. Can someone provide more info please?

Especially with the many that have a huge selection of channels and frequently most from places/langages, etc. I would never need, organizing is needed. I will also try writing my Ali provider to see if we can simply eliminate many areas from my subscription (I’m not expecting - or suggesting a credit). Getting rid of so many of them not only helps organizing but is probably beneficial for all involved systems. ( I have asked before and my previous providers did not do it.)

If you are simply wanting to trim the epg, there are a few free services out there but to be honest its a rather time consuming task and not as simple as some would lead you to believe. I have found the easiest way is to host and trim the epg on your own server(nothing about it is simple)…

I appreciate that - and that it maybe more confounding than I can put up with. Hence the App I mentioned sounded as a possible…

Would be interesting to find an app that could manipulate epg to ones liking.

I use a program called xteve to handle all my m3u’s and epg’s. It resides on my mini server and I input all my sub info(epg, m3u, creds), it then outputs only what I want and I forward that to my lan>>> tv boxes.

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A bit more than I have in mind…

I think I have found what I was referring to…although still a bit confused.
It s the referencing (in the Alibaba video) of Tivimate (and companion?).

I am unclear on if this works with the EPG I see on the systems that to me are using IPTV Smarters Pro as a player (all with very similar EPGs) - or if it replaces Smarters. And then with the subscription service I would get (the delux -companion?) be able to have much more control over its EPG.

In either case it would seem this Tivimate is a must get…will do so through the Troy link.

Final Question: If it is replacing Smarters, will this loo like another use to my IPTV provider, so will need to remove it from Smarters?

Tivimate works well and its simple to exclude sources you don’t want to see.

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I use smarters on my tablet because it just works well however Tivimate imho is the Big Dog of streaming. A purchase you won’t regret.


either remove or just not use, all depends on connections you have. Tivimate will replace smarters completely if thats the question.

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Thanks all…got there - Tivimate subscription and remove Smarters to avoid any chance of conflicts with program subscription liscenses.