Smart YouTube Next freezing

Anyone else having issues with it freezing ? It’s freezing on multiple devices of mine . I checked my speeds and I’m getting just under 100mbps . Other apps are streaming without issue. I’ve even force stopped all apps and cleared the cache . It was doing it before an update and after . Still no luck

Hi @PiratePete, read your post and went to check mine, I passed on today’s update in case it was that but lo and behold today I’m getting freezing too.:thinking:

Dam. I’m getting ready to hookup 5 boxes at someone’s house in about 2 hours :person_facepalming:

I installed it this morning on one of my tablets - no freezing for me (so far) Yesterday, I watched several vids on SYTN on my BuzzTV x5 with no issues as well.

P.S. I believe i also did the update as well.

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Have you tried it today ? It worked fore last night as well. Today is another story.

Yes! I noticed a few weeks ago mine was freezing and just stitching off at random moments. Deleted and reinstalled and all was good for a week, then it starting playing up again. :unamused:

Ok so I just hooked up one of the new boxes I have in inventory and the app is working normal. No freezing . I’m going to go back to my boxes and clear data and see what happens.

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I did, like i said, on one of my tablets today. No issues - i watched 2-3 vids on it after installing it. I believe i downloaded it from Troy’s RAI. Come to think of it, i’m pretty sure i didn’t update this morning but i did in the app on my x5 yesterday. Again, watched multiple vids, no issues.

Guess i’ll see tomorrow if i’m affected as you!


Okay. My bad. I’m using it on another tv box now at it’s working fine :person_shrugging:

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Good to hear Pete! :upside_down_face:

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Ok so I just went back to one of my boxes and cleared the data in android settings and that fixed it. Maybe current update has a bug ?