Smart Tube : getting ads

Starting to get Ads on the smart tube app. The other App called smart tube next seems buggy and the only search option is voice control, unless I`m missing something.


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I’m using it for my son’s YouTube Playlist and no adds at all.


No when it prompts for voice control just hit okay again should allow you to type.

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Having the same problem , please help :sos:

@bpowell101 @pjpompeo57
I’ve have had Smartubenext running virtually all day.
No ads.


SmartTubeNext is working much better as they are constantly updating it. From what I understand the other one isn’t being maintained anymore and that’s why you are seeing ads now. Here is tutorial for SmartTubeNext which is working great. SmartTubeNext - Ad Free YouTube App on Firestick/Android

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Anyone have a idea on how to sign into smarttube next. When I scroll down to bottom section of movies and try watch one that has “ free with ads” under the movie description, I click on it and it says must sign in, gives a code and says sign in at YouTube/activate. I’ve tried the code and tried even signing into YouTube itself. Nothing I do let’s me get to those movies. Normally I wouldn’t care but this firestick is for my father in-law and he set on YouTube with no ads. Worst case I guess I get him YouTube premium but thought I’d run it by the group first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Bam you should be able to open a browser (make sure you are already signed into your actual YouTube account in that browser) then go to that site in your browser and type in that code. I’ve had no problems pairing my account with it.

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I’m not speaking about smart YouTube next ! I’m taking about the first version of smart YouTube TV - 6.17.739 ! Does anyone know how to fix this issue ? Please help :sos:

@pjpompeo57 As I said above, they aren’t updating it anymore and that’s why you are seeing ads now. For these ad-free apps to keep working properly, the devs must provide continual updates staying one step ahead of YouTube at all times.

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