Smart tube down

In smartube settings I went to settings-about-check for updates-install update. worked for firestick, onn pro and formuler

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It’s not in the Google Playstore. There may be something with a similar name, but it’s not this one. There is a download link for the latest stable update in the TP Toolbox. Linked directly to the github of the developer.

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Thank you! That worked!

Worked for me on my Buzz TV. Thanks Pal!!

Updated SmartTube, now works like everyone is confirming. :+1:

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ad supported youtube works fine,smart tube reloaded but still getting 403 err.

What version did you update to?

I updated to 22.38

I had same problem. Once I uninstalled and then reinstalled it worked.

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Yes I am getting the same error and like you I uninstalled and re installed and no luck. What is going on?

Try signing out of SmartTube and then login again.

Btw, there was a new update available. Beta is now v22.41. Haven’t checked the stable version update yet.

At first I was getting the 403 but I signed out of my account and logged back in and everything seems to work fine.

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I had the same 403 errors and just reinstalled Smarttube yesterday. It’s working well now but I am noticing ads on a few videos (mostly CNN). Before I reinstalled ST, I went to Youtube to see if was still working, and had to login (or register?) again. Don’t know if you need to be registered on both.

I did the update and it fixed some of the videos but some still get the 403 error. So it’s hit and miss. I haven’t checked today. I didn’t delete the app and re-install so maybe i need to do that.

Downloaded from APKTime, 07/10, and watched the Tube for 4 hours with no problem. Uninstall old version first.

Same thing happened to me with 403 code. Looks like they figured how to block us. Bummer, my favorite app.

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I updated at least 6 of my devices and all worked perfectly. All it takes is a simple update or uninstall/reinstall from Troy’s Toolbox.


Don’t despair the updates do work.

If you haven’t updated yet, do so. If it still errors out. Try logging out of your account and then log back in. If still no joy then uninstall and reinstall.

I have both versions installed (beta and stable) and both work fine

Beta is now v22.41 and Stable is v22.38 …I believe.


Just updated to 22.41 smart tube beta all working so far , firestick 4k( 2nd Gen)
Newpipe also on same firestick still down though but if smart tube can work around it i would hope Newpipe should also

I concur all working with updates on smart tube beta had me worried for a while :grimacing: hate youtube stock app With a vengeance :sweat_smile: