Smart Devices including as an example Amazon Echo and Smart TV's

A point of hack on my network has been through bad hardware like an old Android box later found to be a huge doorway of which I am not using any longer thanks to the great folks informing me here on Troy point. I own a SMART ROKU TV, An Amazon Echo and a NVIDEA SHEILD TV. All of which have no option to add my digital security software. Tried set orientation (TECKUK video great but no cigar) on the NVIDEA TV. Noticed Surf shark is now offering its VPN on APPLE TV which is great. Yes, I understand if you have Surf shark on devices it helps but does not scan for malware and containment. I do understand if you adjust your security on your router it does help however I am ZERO when it comes to configuring FIREWALLS. Also, with my current service provider the router is great, but I cannot add the VPN and cannot add additional security software to it…Also my security camera and homebase do not have the option for security software and no option for VPN. The only options I have at this point are password changes but that is hacked every few days because the holes elsewhere and the neighbour who has a type of device that intercepts. No proof so contacting the authorities (FEDERAL) which I have, and they did JACK. Nor have the service providers or even business network providers detected anything. I do suspect the guy’s device is a SHORTWAVE LOW RADIO FREQUENCY like a Bluetooth hack or like the old intercept of a police radar which are illegal everywhere. (Yes, the real security professionals have confirmed this is a way in). Thinking like the PINEAPPLE device. Changing the passwords seem to be the only dent. And yes when I change passwords it shows I am connected to ethernet when I am not. Also on my iphone it says I can not connect to the networek as there are too many users. I am like WWWHHHHHAAAT! Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts it would be greatly appreciated. And yes, apps not registered have also been a loose invitation as I have noticed. I am posting this because I do believe that security should be hardware and software. I also think that options for security software on smart devices should be mandatory as in law that ensures manufacturers allow a purchaser to install security apps with built in firewalls. Honest about my ineptitude on Firewalls. I did find a device some time ago…CUJO and FIREWALLA that read your traffic and implemented firewalls based upon your use…I think this is a good idea so anyone know of a cheap cheap cheap device like FIREWALLA and I think CUJO only does software now which is no good for the aforementioned problem of security software not being able to add to an amazon speaker for example.

Wow. Sorry but I gave up reading that in it’s entirety. I will go back to it later. I did want to address your comments regarding the Nvidia Shield TV. I have my Proton VPN installed as well as Malwarebytes. Proton actively blocks site ads, redirects and malware. Malwarebytes I use once a week or after any major changes/additions. I also use Web Check to enter any suspect site URL to check for malware/redirects and security issues.


Wow! I cannot believe the Paranoia here. Perhaps you should pull out all the connected plugs, lock your doors, and hide under your bed. This is just ridiculous!

I just looked at PROTON. Surf shark is until March next year. Looked at the premium plus. Yes I recognize the thing was long but detailed. Do you have NVIDEA SHEILD PRO or the cylinder version? I have the cylinder version which is why I think Malwarebytes is not working at all. It jumps and moves no matter set orientation and the ad shell thing config. WHY? No matter what I do or where I download the set orientation from. Found a newer version of set orientation but it won’t work either.

It is experience not paranoia with respect to my job. But thank you for your comment.

Malwarebytes doesn’t need set orientation if you get the right one. I do have Shield Pro but that doesn’t matter, the Pro is same OS and setup, just different specs. So the Malwarebytes I use is 5.2.0+31. I also use a mini KB with a dongle that plugs into a USB port on the Pro for the rare app that it makes manueving around in easier.

The Sheild TV does not have a USB port. I have the option of a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse which I have. Where did you download the Malwarebytes version 5.2.0+31 from?

So found your version and still did not work. On Google it says it is TV and no version available. Checked softonic but apkpure was better. And interesting uptodown also does the same thing as Malwarebytes right away a part of a screen on an angle.

That’s the version that works on my Pixel Tablets my Samsung Phones and tablet as well as mh Shield Pro. No screen orientation needed.