Slow lan speed through 4k tvstick

I wonder if anyone can answer this query?
I have ethernet connected to both my 4k sticks with mains power adaptors. The one without the extended USB storage is getting speeds up to 60+Mbps, but the one that’s set up with extra USB storage only gets max 30Mbps.
Would anyone be able to explain this difference please. Thank you.

Cant see how storage would effect speed?.. Could just be a better stick? You could test that theory. But the speed is good for streaming.

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I have just done an extensive test with both TV’s and sticks. Swapped them around etc. The problem looks like one of the TV’s has some restriction through the HDMI ports. I tried all 4 ports and the speed is still low. It’s a weird one.

if you have another hdmi cable might help?

I tried the stick on it’s own and the short HDMI lead. Still the same… Also, because I unpluged the USB drive from the 4k tv stick while testing, I can’t see the apps I installed anymore. Not my day…

Hey @Kamijinga Not sure exactly what all you’ve done…but have you put the slower device with all its cables/power supply/otg cable onto the tv where that device got better speeds. If so…what were the speeds?

Thanks for helping. Yes I have. On all other equip, speeds are say 50mbps, while that one TV is 15mbps. Very strange…

OK…I’m gonna have to sleep on this one…at least you got it narrowed down to the tv…so that’s less to ponder.

Are these sticks in different areas of your house? Further away from the main router will cause this.

Also its really hard to explain these things to everyone as there is alot of variables. Id clean up both firesticks and do speeds tests in each room. I would also advise to look into bandwidth allocation.

He tested both sticks on another tv & they pulled the same decent speeds…they went way south when plugged into a different tv…so, devices ok…tv not so much…? All 4 hdmi ports too…so I’m kinda at a loss with the tv problem. :thinking:

Just for grins…have you tested yer stick on that tv with a wifi connection?

Reset your HDMI ports on the offending TV. They often can get “stuck” on a previous setup. You can go on line and look up your exact tv make and model and do a search on how to clear the HDMI state on your TV.

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Thanks. I’ll try that…

Thanks. That’s a good idea too.

Thanks. I’m checking all that. The bandwidth on PC ethernet now is 72mbps. On mobile wifi it’s 65mbps. On the offending TV it’s 15mbps. So strange.

Thanks. That a good idea…

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I disconnected ethernet cable and used wifi. The speed clocked into the 50mbps range, so I’ve left it on wifi for now. It will do until I can figure out the ethernet mystery. Thanks for everyone’s assistance.

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