Slow horses tv series

binged the whole series different kind of spy thriller well worth a look


I enjoyed it too.

for info there is a 4th series in the making

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It’s really a good watch and fun too

It’s a great show with a lot of sardonic and cynical humor…err humour.

One of my new goals in life is to cut a fart that sounds like a Jackson Lamb passing of gas.

The show is well written . Gary Oldman is awesome as always .

If you don’t want to wait for the next TV installment, try the books. May be better than the shows.

Herron also just came out with a new book, not in the Slow Horse series. Has the required farting etc. “The Secret Hours.”

Get the books from the same torrenting sites Troy posts in his Best of. … lists. 16+ Best Torrent Websites in January 2024 (Ad-Free)

Pirate Bay usually has the epub files for download to a tablet or e-reader. Also at Library Genesis

Use your VPN.


Right on.
Anna’s Archive (it’s easy to find in a search) is a great resource for ebooks. Or, so I’ve heard…

I finally caught up and finished the last season of Slow Horses. I wasn’t too sure that I was going to like it during the first two episodes. But it grew on me and couldn’t wait to get to the next episode. My hero is Standish. She was so down to earth and loved it when she was playing Chess with the Russian. I let out a cheers and a laugh on that one. The one real surprise was that I really hadn’t realized that Gary Oldman was actually English, d’oh! And Jonathan Price was a treat to see. OH! and man who ever is singing the title and ending songs has some chops. IF that guy put together a band he could really go somewhere!!! :grin:

I looked and it seems that the next season should come out at the end of this years.

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song was written and sung by mick jagger


It was a bit of a joke. I was a young teen when Mick and the boys were on Ed Sullivan singing Satisfaction. :grin:

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sorry i missed that bit slow today @JerryJ i like the song i downloaded it :+1: