Slow App on different wifi

Anyone have this problem. Have a Steaming stick from Walmart (ONN) works great. I have an app called My Family Cinema, also works great. I took the device next door to friends to show him the app, for some reason it will not work there. Has same AT&T fiber as myself. All other apps on the device You tube, Prime, Netflix etc… work perfectly, but this one the speed is so slow so that it wont even open. Any advice would be appreciated

Is there a chance the app is IP locked? In other words it noted your ip address when you installed the app and cannot be run from any other IP address.

Unfortunately not, I uninstalled at reinstalled at his house to check.

How odd. I have no idea.

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Yea for sure, this is an odd one. Ill keep thinking about it, but am having trouble coming up with a valid explanation to the issue.

Any chance that app has a support team to contact?

Me either. I cannot think why such speed difference. I’m now leaning towards a bad cable or plug or such.

I reached out, haven’t heard back yet. Cables are fine. All other apps on stick work fine. Thanks for the feedback. Let you know the solution.

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Please do cause you have us wondering why this is happening now.

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