Skystream Android box

Does anyone have experience with the Skystream box? I am thinking about purchasing.

I purchased the Skystream 3 Plus box with airmouse remote several months ago and it works great. I brought the box to Troy’s attention. He in turn found an identical clone called the X96 Max with the same specs but a slightly different launcher and no airmouse remote for about half the price off the Gearbest website. If it’s important to you, the Skystream is distributed here in the US and has US update support while the X96 Max does not. All in all, they are the same device except for the airmouse remote on the Skystream 3 Plus.

Thanks, made in USA does make a difference to me.

It is not made in USA only distributed there!

Correct. What I said was it is distributed here and has stateside service and support. For some folks that is an important factor in their purchase decision but this box is manufacturered in China.

I purchased a Skystream box because of its impressive listed speed and capacity but could not get it to download any 3rd party apps no matter what I tried kept getting “this device does not accept 3rd party apps” on the screen. Had to return it for a refund since the tech people at Skystream didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. They kept saying "You can load Kodi what’s the problem? However they did accept the box back and refunded my $157.00 so I’m sticking with my T95Z Plus box that works perfectly for the last 3 yrs. Hope this helps.

Not sure what to make of what you encountered. I bought my Skystream III over 2 years ago and have had no issues side loading any apps once allowing unknown sources in settings. If Skystream has the same android operating system, this should not occur. I don’t blame you for getting a refund. The T95Z is an excellent replacement choice.