Skip vod commercials

My streaming tv service (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say it here, but rhymes with blue cube tv) has a ton of content for VOD but the unfortunate thing is it’s loaded with commercials, was wondering if anyone knew a way too fast forward through them or bypass them all together. Probably a longshot but you never know. I do take advantage of the dvr, but there is older content I can’t record. Thank you.

Set up KODI on your device with an Addon or 2. VOD shows/Movies NEVER any commercials

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Definitely using Kodi already, but there are some shows you can’t find there,that I would like to watch.

I use Stremio for all my movies and TV series. Goes back years, shows upcoming episodes, and keeps track of what I watch. Cloud based so configure it with adons once on any device, then load it on any other device you have, log in and your complete setup is applied without any input from you. I think it’s 10 devices but don’t quote me on that, and it’s free.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!

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Rainy weekend,I’ll work on it,thanks

There is a app that does this.

Can you tell me what the app is please

Downloader 250931 code should work

That code will get you to the same place as the url for Troy’s toolbox.

OK now I am in the toolbox. What is the app? Could you please be specific and name the app thank you

Smarttubenext is the app

Ok ,thanks,but I was loosing for help with YouTube tv,not regular you tube.

You tube TV APK is everywhere including the Playstore, apkpure, and uptodown.

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Tx my friend. I enjoy the insider ppl and regulars.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!!