Skins for Nexus 20

I like to play around with different skins.Been having a little trouble with Nexus . I installed Fen and then changed the skin to Mimic LR . Things seemed to work fine. So I installed Ezra and couldn’t even navigate the menu without Kodi crashing.Has anyone had any luck with any skin in Nexus?

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I’ve tried using aeon nox (silvo) about a dozen and a half times in the last week. With addons from Troy’s list and with no addons I cannot get it to work. It seems to work until I try to add color to the menu bar and then the errors begin.:person_gesturing_ok:

I really like the Eminence skin. It isn’t a build, but I dig it way more than most that are readily available. Where would you find more options?

But does it work with nexus 20

I posted a picture on this thread.

Doing a quick web search on this topic seems to confirm that not all skins are working yet with 20. Supposedly arctic zephyr & eminence are working. Maybe someone who knows how could open a thread just to report working skins for 20. I’m a huge fan of aeon nox and would love to know when it’s usable. :grin:

Would like to post pictures of my aeon nox build on my 19.5 Troypoint fork but I think that might break copyright rules.:person_facepalming:

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Yeah Eminence is working fine. It’s minimalist but better than plain Kodi .

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So far, Amber 3.4.32 seems to be working without problems with Nexus.

Confluence works fine on Nexus 20

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Mr. Minimalist at your service!

Question related to skins.
I prefer no skin but I keep a Kodi fork to play with skins but I end up having to install a build to get a skin.

Are there other places to get access to download multiple skins

The only ones I know of are the ones that you can click “get more” on regular Kodi. I don’t think you can do that on Troy’s forks though, I think the skins may be one of the things that were taken out to help streamline it. Other than those though, I wonder if you can get them online and download them or something.

It appears there are places to find skins . I took your advice and used Google.
Simple app called kodiapps as a list of skins .
Another app called funsters also has some apparently

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I don’t use Kodi but I did find this. hth

kodinerds estuary mod v2 Basic, but configurable and fast.

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