Skeleton Crew not streaming

I downloaded the skeleton crew with RD. I clicked on many movies and everyone of them stated no streaming available. that was true in most catagories in the skeleton crew. what did I do wrong when I downloaded the skeleton crew?

Make sure your real debrid is up-to-date.
Re authorize your account on the app/apk you are using
Delete your devices in real-debrids website and re add them
Make sure they are added in real debrid.

These steps are a must and will solve the issue 9 out of 10 times. Also check real debrids Twitter for status updates.

Check your real debrid before making a post.

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I’m not getting any rd cached torrents on crew or seren. Have reauthorized , nothing. Are we having an issue like last week??

No, it shouldnt be. All is working.

Ok, guess I’ll try a re do, and reauthorize

Working fine for me. Definitely need to reauthorize RD. There’s a shortcut right in the settings submenu.

Also try force closing Kodi and reopening. Maybe the addon isn’t recognizing the RD account yet.


Getting movies fine through Skeleton here.

Yea, don’t know what happened did the fix last week when we were on here last week with mme and worked fine until I turned on tonite.

ResolveURL was updated in the crew repository. Everything should be back to normal. Go into manage dependencies and turn auto update back on for ResolveURL and manually update it from the crew repo.

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Yea I put it back on auto , I see crew update there. I’ll update and reauthorize crew and seren. Both having the problem with no cached torrents

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Ok weird. Some programs have cached torrent. And the one I was watching now only has rd mixdrop etc. no cached all of a sudden. Never had that happen before, thoughts???

Well it must be the episodes for the program. Others are working. Just weird it played first two episodes. Now won’t.

I meshed skeleton kodi with emby and get all my locals as well as other emby stuff and looking good so far except occasionally my favs dissappear from home screen and re-appear later :eyes:



Loving the skeleton build, but is there a way to access the favorites button? Cannot find it. Thanks


You have to add it through home layout section of settings . Good luck :crossed_fingers:
:pirate_flag: Pete :pirate_flag:

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Be warned that for whatever reason the fav button(well at least mine) will disappear and return later :eyes: :skull:… Loved your tune Funky Cold medina…by the way :+1: :thinking:

Get in the habit of adding stuff to your Trakt collection instead of favorites and you won’t regret it. That’s the way the build is intended.


Spunds like this is a resolved topic. @Jayhawks659 probably the best version of the crew you will get. Im strictly a seren user but after the modifications to the crew with his version i now use both. Well done.

I have been adding shows to Favs & Movies to Library. I will take your recommendation. When i’m at TV Shows Tab & go to Trakt & go in, it has all my favs in there. Only thing is, i can’t delete watched shows no matter what i try?!

If you long press on it and remove from collection sometimes it takes a bit to update online. The next time you reboot Kodi it should be updated.

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Yup, have done that too - both remove from collection & remove from favs - no joy!

I also tried to save a TV show to favs, but when i went into my collection, it wasn’t there.

However, i put your build through the paces yesterday - very impressed! Bravo - even though i could find Sports categories for the day as i can in my Xenon build, i did find a TON of regular stations that worked well.

When you release an update to the build, will it automatically update itself or do you manually have to do it? If manually, how do i do the update?? On my Xenon build, i have a Crew & CellarDoor build update that i haven’t a clue how to do it?! It installs the updates it can & leaves those two - had them in available updates for months - lol!