Simplfying Kodi Home Screen

I was wondering if there is any setting in Kodi that would allow you to set what is displayed on the left hand side of the home screen. I currently only use Addons and Favourites (their spelling not mine) in the current configuration. I was looking for something similar to what Wolf Launcher allows you to do with the firestick home screen by hiding apps you don’t care to see all the time.

Merry Christmas to all the kind and helpful people in the Troypoint Universe!!

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Go into Kodi settings > interface > skin > skin configuration > main menu items


Jayhawks….you are the man!! Thank you!!


Hey all. Is anyone being prompted to upgrade while running the xenon diggz ver. 7.1? I have received two upgrades in the past 2-weeks. Everything seems fine but, having to re-authorize my rd and trakt accounts is sorta annoying. Just curious about the upgrades! I’m presently @ xenon plus 7.2. Looks clear!

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