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Ive been trying out different kodi builds along my way to @Jayhawks659 's build which I am about to install on a kodi fork. But I was testing out this little setup and thought I would pass it along. This is a very minimal setup and very easy to setup from a stock kodi install. Its the ustvgo setup and as the name says thats all it is…simple ustvgo all working. Follow the steps I will link below and for kickers I added the FTV skin when i was done and its not too bad looking. FTV= fire tv :joy:… but I digress… now off to check Jays Skeleton :skull_and_crossbones: build…
USTVGO Kodi Addon (Live TV) –
USTVGO Kodi Addon (Live TV) –

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USTVGO is integrated in my build. It’s in the Live TV submenu. LNTV is there as well.

yes I was sure it was. All im doing here is just showing super simple. Nothing to this setup if all one wants was ustvgo. Im setting yours up now.

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