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Looking for advice with setting up an older model Firestick. Is there any way to have the homepage as simple and basic as possible? The homepage should only display the few APKs that I install. No Amazon/Netflix or Pluto adverts or any Apps.
It’s for an older relative who will struggle to navigate around the display, so I’m trying to keep it as basic as I can.


If it hasn’t updated to the latest OS and you install the update blocker than the Wolf Launcher is what I use.

You can name the folders anything you want, even add a security number code in order to open a folder. You can add and remove and organize any way you choose. You can add wallpaper to make it look pretty, but I’m a minimalist.

Thanks, and if it’s been updated to the latest OS?


Then you cant do anything. Blocked custom launchers.

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Thanks for the info.

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Then Amazon is blocking any launchers, other than their own, and we’re all out of luck for now.

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Any idea if any of the amazon updates affected the older 2nd gen sticks with O/S in the 5s…?

Edit: Downloaded Wolf Launcher & it would not load…so I just answered my own question…the updates do affect the much older generation firesticks also.

To keep things simple, I suggest installing TV Launcher 3 and using it as a Home Screen. Very easy to use after set up and you can use as few or as many app icons as you like for each category.

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Wolf Launcher! You can’t get anymore basic than this and still have the tv on. I have 49 apps on that page. One (tivimate) is activated with one click and no search or scrolling.

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