SIMKL vs. Trakt

What are people’s thoughts/experiences with using SIMKL vs. Trakt? Which one do you prefer and why? Any pros and cons for either would also be helpful. Thanks for the feedback!

All I can say is read the trakt privacy policy. They can, and will, hand over your personal info when asked by authorities. Always read the fine print. I canceled my trakt and deactivated it on all my devices.

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SIMKL has a similar privacy policy and will hand over personal info to authorities upon request so no difference there.

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Then that’s 2 services that will never find their way onto my devices. Thank you.

After going through their policy and hearing what they can do. I don’t use them.

I understand why people do but you can always find things easily without it.

Kodi cinema and syncler also have a watch list/favorites as well.


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