Silk Internet Issues

Trying to access the Silk Internet app but I keep getting a message stating the F/S needs to be updated. After updating I still get the same message. Is there any other way to get to the internet besides Silk?

Make sure you have deleted all previous APKs and cleared the cache. Then unplug power from the stick, unplug from the TV for two minutes. Then plug it all back in and try updating silk again. Usually it’s because you have kept an old APK. Defsquid can clean them out if you let it. Or go into files in downloader and delete any APKs.

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Hey Miki - Let me give that a whirl. Any chance the version of Firestick the culprit? Everything works on the 4K but I don’t believe this stick is a 4K. It belongs to my neighbor and his son gave it to him. Thanks again for always being there.

Silk is the native internet browser and has been on every stick. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

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