Silk Browser not working

I have 3 identical Firestick 4K devices on 3 TVs.
I was wondering there was an update to Silk Browser as I’m unable to launch the app. I tried different ways of getting to the ap, and if I launch it from the apps screen, it will eventually open, BUT my challenge is that I need to clear the cache, and it won’t let me get to the app from the Manage Applications. To be precise, I click on the gear looking button, the list of apps is presented and if I click on Silk Browser, it goes back to the initial screen for Manage Applications. All my other apps seem to work, and I even tried to delete it and reinstall without success.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Ed & welcome…

Looks like your not alone…

Amazon’s update broke things, they are aware and working on a fix, been stated a few times here. Not sure when this will be fixed but it is a problem.