Silk Browser has a problem

Silk plays for a period of time and then just shuts down. I get a screen that reads fatal error. I have to refresh and relaunch what I am watching. I have turned my VPN off and that didn’t help. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it with no success. I don’t know what to try next. Thank you for any suggestions.

One word,B E Z O S !


What are you using for a streaming device?
Also what are you using for a power supply?

Dump BEZOS! Go android. Why give Bezos $40-$50 bucks? Spend the extra 20 and get a decent androd box that you can root if needed. F#@*k Amazon!

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Hey PF…don’t hold back now…tell us how you really feel about amazon :rofl:


I use Silk to stream all my sports as well as some live TV. Never had an issue like yours on my Firesticks. As asked, what device and OS?

4K firestick. Streaming sports and everything else seems fine it’s just the live tv that gives me the error code.

Can you give me the site you go to for your live TV using silk? If you don’t want to post it here in an open forum then PM me the link so I can see what happens. It will play for a while and then gives me a fatal error message.

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if you forgot, turn the vpn back on if you have ruled that out


Ahhh yes. That has never worked for me properly with their frustrating vpn pop ups. Many also tested it on TiViMate and it worked for a time. Now I use kodi Matrix 19.4 with the Mad Titan add-on and the USTVNOW works very well.

Update: I have registered a U.S. account so I can access channels on ustv247 and have just run a quick test on connecting to the site you gave, and every channel I went to played flawlessly. Only tested 10 so far but all good. I am using ExpressVPN and connected to a server in Dallas.

Ok. So I dump your friend Bezos. Then I look into Android boxes. There are a lot of them. All the way from $80 to over $200 for the Shield. I just need a good reliable one. I am older now and have not been at this long. I am just starting to use TVmate and looking for M3u to try out. I have no one to help me set things up and so it can’t be too complicated. Thank you for your help.

Instead of the “extra” 20 bucks, just spend 20 bucks period.
Onn UHD streaming box, $20 at the walmart.
I now have two and they work great.
I now prefer them to my 4k Firesticks, they control my TV’s including a 13" SuperSonic in the bathroom,
it’s hard to find anything that controls that SuperSonic.

Also the JioPages browser is about the best I’ve seen on streaming boxes; simple, logical,
don’t be put off by it being developed in India, it works very nicely.
Onn runs Android TV 10.

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Hey @Barz1 Go to your local Walmart & buy yourself a $20 ONN 4k android box. You’ll have 30 days to try it out…if you don’t like it, Walmart will take it back no problem. I just got one as a backup to my main box & they work fine…they may have a slight remote problem here & there but generally no more than an annoyance…& if too annoying, take it back within their 30 day return window. Can’t get much easier than that. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Guess I was typing when you posted @Flt505 ha ha…obviously, I agree :cowboy_hat_face:

Sorry for the BOLD, don’t know how that happened.

Hey…it can’t be too big or bold for my ole peepers :mag_right:

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So I’m testing it out and it’s running perfectly for me. I did have one channel that went into buffering and I backed out and reinitiated the stream and it played for an entire program. Do you get a specific code when you get a warning pop-up?

I had an issue yesterday within tivimate where an nba game was showing parser error etc. I tried it on smarters same issue. All my other channels were working. My provider said his was working as well as others in the support chat. Soooooo it was on me obviously :crazy_face:…I changed my dns settings and all was well. Ya never know what it is but in this case I should have checked sooner.

No nothing but an error code on the screen
Not the whole screen just the small like before you make it full screen.