Showtime on Firestick

I have a Firestick 4k, using Wolf Launcher and Debloat Toolbox. I can no longer get the Showtime app to open. Is there a setting that I need to change?

Can you open the app through settings>applications>manage installed apps?
If that doesn’t work then I would uninstall and reinstall from google playstore.

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Tried all that. When I click on the app, the screen flashes black for a second then right back to the home screen

Did you Uninstall and reinstall? Are you in the U.S.? And if not are you using a vpn? If you are in the States and using a VPN and have a Showtime account then make sure you’re using split tunneling and bypassing the vpn to use Showtime.

I had to disconnect from the Debloater app to be able to connect to Showtime.

Actually I just refined it. I was able to uncheck the A&E apps …etc)
Box on the debloater list

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