Show off your custom launchers

There was a thread previously, but it’s locked now. How many of y’all have customized your devices far beyond what the retailer ever intended? Here’s the thread to show off your customizations.

I’ll begin.

This is my near perfect Fire Stick 4K Max with Wolf Launcher. I live my life nomadically and this is the perfect device and setup for all of my needs. I currently use an OTG splitter with a USB flash drive attached and ethernet connection hub.

I designed all of this by adding custom icons to the apps and folders. Since I’m using a black background, my icons either need to be transparent or to be a true black background as well. You can easily find these via a Google Image search, which is where I found all of mine.

Going top to bottom, left to right:

Emby satisfies the majority of my on demand streaming needs. I’m connected to a shared library that I pay about $4/month to access that I found through r/embyshares. It has a massive library with a a sleek auto-request service for anything that can’t be found. I’ve used this particularly library for a year now and I’ve never experienced downtime and the streams always load instantly in 1080+ quality.

Next is a folder with 3 music apps: Amazon Music, Spotify, and TuneIn.

Then we have Netflix, courtesy of my mom.

As a backup to Emby, I have access to another library via Plex with a robust array of content and a discord server with auto-requests. Technically, I should be paying for this, but I signed up for a trial and was never removed. That said, I rarely use it as Emby often hits all my needs, but it’s good to have.

Prime Video is probably my least used, especially because the international library is rather weak. That said, it has come in handy from time to time.

Lastly on the top row is SmartTubeNext for a YouTube experience that blocks all the ads, promos, and other junk you don’t want to see.

On the next row, we begin with a folder I labeled Google Play Games. In reality, it’s a folder dump of apks and Android games that are decently fun and run well on the stick. Some of my favorites are the AirConsole collection, Falling Lightblocks (tetris mod), Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Blitz Quiz, BombSquad, and a simple chess game.

Next with the IPTV icon is TiviMate connected to an IPTV package that I’m finally happy with. It’s been 8 months now and the streams are fast and HD. I have content all around the world, but mostly watch US TV and movie channels, Mexican channels, and some sports events here and there. I’ve always been able to find what I’ve wanted. I pay $8/month for 1 connection.

Next we have a folder of JackBox games 1-5, great for friends and family together.

Then we have an APK called PSPlay, a custom app that lets you remote into a PlayStation. I have my PS5 at my dad’s house in Florida, which I’m able to remote into from anywhere in the world. It mostly runs fine enough to play, sometimes I do get latency issues though. Still, I can connect my PS5 controller (I usually do wired to help with latency) and play anywhere in the world without lugging around the heavy device.

At the end of this row is RetroArch. Btw, if anyone has figured out how to use a smartphone as a controller on RetroArch, I’m all ears. That’d be huge.

The last row consists of my system tools, with DangBei Assistant, ES File explorer, Wolf Launcher Manager, Analiti speed test, Volume+ booster for those Airbnbs whose TVs can’t pump enough volume, and the … is another dump folder of various apps I don’t regularly use but do on occasion.

With this setup, I am covered anywhere in the world without region locks and can access 98% of the media I’d ever want on demand.


I’m a minimalist.


Haha, no offense, but it’d drive me crazy to have something that stripped down. I’ve always been a fan of a balance of simplicity and aesthetics. But if it works for you, then more power to you!

What apps do you have in the folders?

(Movies & Series)


Wolf Launcher
Virus Total
Background Apps & Process List
Mouse Toggle for Fire TV
MX Player Pro
Update Blocker

(Firestick Settings)
Launcher Manager
Bluetooth and Remotes
My Fire TV

Empty as I have not found any real useful apps for sports. I have lots of links in Silk.

Awesome… Setup… Good work…

Welcome… All the folks here are great…

I love stripped down. I’ve never been one for eye candy. Even when XP came out we modded it so thoroughly, ripped out all the excess and XP Black was born. To this day still one of the most configurable windows that ever was.

I don’t have any special setup.

I still use my z8 and just re arranged my most used apps to the front.

I haven’t dabbled in customization yet… I like @Miki setup but I’m also a fan of wallpaper and unique setups.

When I do get a more powerful box I might try setting out.

For now it’s

Wifi analyzer
SD maid pro.

I don’t have a picture it’s 2 rows simler to Miki but 2 rows. Lol.

Havent used windows since XP:)) but it was my fav back in the day.



Most of my add-ons are hidden. I unhide them when I need to use them


Newbie , in group.
Just over 2 weeks with my x88 pro device…I have tried several launchers.
ATV is on device now.
I have not been able to load widgets .
How do I send pic of the error message , to get help ?

Sup A…

Hit the photo button in bottom right while creating post… you might want to start a new topic for the x88

I also suppose you found some kind of dwnloader to get your service running… you need to download this…

Its the key to Life!
(droid tv wise)

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Thks 4 the comments .
Yes , I have downloader installed as while as applinked, unlinked and filesynced.

So new and so much to view and digest in this group.

I have attempted to add a pic .

Hope it show up



I understand you are new. But you should make a topic in apks for custom launcher issues. This thread is for showing off what you have.

Not to be rude I know people will help you to resolve this. I’m happy you are here and learning.


I second @TP-Dracoo. You can get your answer in the APK thread.
But for the sake of answering, check that you enabled both developer options and debugging.

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Thks for that. Got all the way to selecting widgets b4 a problem occured. Step 11 , I hi lited the area , went to select widget got an error message ,
Widget binding failure . 3steps it went thru…then somoething about device not rooted

Custom ATV launcher pro on A95X F3 Air Amlogic android box 4GB/64GB.these are just the ones i use frequently…others are hidden on home launcher.