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Where/how can I dowload Fast Task Killer for my Nvidia Shields? I searched all the usual places but have been unable to locate it. I did find a source for it on the Troypoint site using Downloader. I typed in 716622 as directed, waited for the redirect, but an error message said, “Unknown error. Check your URL”. H E L P please. Thank you.

Fast Task Killer - Apps on Google Play

Fast Task Killer for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown

Troy has the download in his Toolbox. Type the Downloader Code for Fast Task Killer which is 716622 and click Go.

How to Install Fast Task Killer on Firestick/Android (

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Fast Task Killer APK for Android Download


Thanks for the quick response. I tried installing the APK Installer as you suggested, but . . . I get an error message saying, “Can’t be downloaded. Not enough space available.” 1st of all the Shield has 10 of 12 G’s available and I also have a 64G thumb drive in. Why the error message?

Thanks for the information. Tried your idea and when I got to the HDM Dev site andtried to dowload, it said the app was incompatible. How can that be?

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As you can see from my prior response, I have already tried that without success.

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turn off play protect and it should be good to go

You’ve tried the TP Toolbox using Downloader?

Not familiar with Play Protect. Can you explain further please?

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I have that disabled.

go into playstore on your device and disable playprotect


To all of you who were kind enough to reply to my query, I want to thank you all very much. Out of frustration I rebooted my Shield, not once but twice and lo and behold, everything worked properly. I now have Killer reinstalled and all is well. Thank you again.


I’m kind of asking this question everywhere I see a reference to Play Protect. My IPTV app is disappearing daily. So when I click on my icon in Play Store, I can get to Play Protect, but there is no option to turn it off. It goes to “find out more” and then a Google website. KM1 Deluxe. Any other work-arounds?

Its been some time since I tested a km1 but I would think the playstore should be the same. I just looked on my shield and when I click on my name/avatar I get 3 listings. 1- manage apps and games, 2-Play Protect and 3-settings. When I click on play protect I get scan apps with play protect and Improve harmful app detection. Both of these selections I have turned off.

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