Sharing Kodi info between Android boxes

Doing a complete backup and restore will also preserve your Trakt and Real Debrid account information so you don’t have to go through the steps to authorize them again in each addon.

I want to understand how to communicate on this site. I seea topic like Jayhawk(as an example)

Thanks. But Been doing this so long I prefer to spend the 3 minutes it takes to Reauthorize Trakt and RD on Fresh installs. I keep chrome Browser tabs of each open on my phone at all times

You still install each addon one at a time though? Who knows how many the OP has.

No I use Builds and my go to is Grindhouse. Authorize RD only 1 time then Trakt in the 2-3 addons I use. Nobody needs more than 2-3 addons

There’s the big difference. Installing a build is about equivalent to doing a backup and restore if you have multiple add-ons and stuff configured one at a time. Depends on how you use it.

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You’re only thinking about video add-ons. There are also service and program add-ons. Keymap editor is a big one that comes to mind. Just because you install a build doesn’t mean it’s going to know which buttons are which on your remotes if you want to program specific buttons to do things (like stop a stream using the back button instead of the on screen display).

If you like the build you use, that’s fine. Just don’t try to convince the OP that there’s only one right way to do something.

LOL I don’t need you schooling me on KODI Addons. I do not mess with anything on remotes. I have Zero interest in that. Universal remotes, having this remote control that remote. I power on my TV with my TV remote then switch the input to the Android Box I want to use. It is so simple. I do not understand all the Advanced remote love here. How about trying to keep it simple? AND Keep it simple for the OP! And who said anything about 1 way to do something. I never said that - This is what I do.

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It’s not your topic…

I don’t want to fight with you man. You’re very knowledgeable and contribute a ton. But if the OP doesn’t use a build and has favorites they want to keep for a new installation then the solution you provided won’t work. Trakt will work moving forward, but you can’t import your locally saved favorites into Trakt that I know of. Maybe that would be a better discussion.

Yeah Fair enough. I just don’t understand using any type of backups on KODI and find it’s just so easier to start Fresh. Admittedly got off topic from the OP’s post. I’ll step out here as I don’t do any backup/restore on KODI

Thank you! That was a big help and makes it so much easier!

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Quit squabbling, LMAO!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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this is also off topic, but i think will help alot of people that dont want to complicate life. I think the key for those that just want to watch series, movies and sports is to use the KISS method. Fresh start Kodi, stay with the default Estuary build, install a reliable tv/movie addon (Homelander), install a reliable sports addon (the loop), install a good subtitle addon (a4j) if needed. Authorize RD by using MarkxG method by using your PC. 30 min tops and your back in business watching anything you want. If you have the url’s handy and don’t have to look them up it speeds things up.

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Couldn’t agree more but 30 Minutes! More like 10! Fresh Install of Build, Authorize RD, Authorize Trakt in 2-3 Addons and done. Probably 5-10 minutes Tops! Especially using Downloader and Troy’s Toolbox. Back in the Day you actually had to go to the KODI website to get KODI!

I agree!