Setting up multiple Firesticks

Happy holidays all, if i set up and load a few firesticks for family members across the country, what would be the easiest way to pair the devices and remotes to there tv’s?

I know theres an easy solution but ive never moved my devices from one tv to another. Thanks

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No matter what you do, when every Firestick is registered, updated, and configured, when you move it to a new location you will have to go into settings>network and choose your network then sign in, after that to ensure your remote controls the TV you will have to go to settings>Equipment control>Manage Equipment>TV>change TV and follow the on screen prompts.


Thanks for the fast reply. So how would i get into settings without the remote configured.

Ive read alot of terrible info with google search.

As soon as you plug the firestick in, the remote should already be twinned or twin to the stick upon startup. Once Twinned to the stick moving the stick to another location you won’t need to twin it again.


Ok got it. Ill test it on my sticks first. Appreciate the advice.

Anytime its what we live for.

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