Set up win10 server

Am trying to set up a win10 pro with several applications running. SMD2 for file access, PLEX, and a few other things. Am finding that win10 has so many settings that block you (for security) that it’s a real challenge to get everything functional. If anyone else is having issues please respond here to discuss getting a local cheap win10 working with your network devices.

you’d be better off with Windows 11, it allows apps.

Thank you but it was the strangest thing. It’s a spare laptop that I was more interested in how well it works. Had downloaded it from Microsoft Store and it I couldn’t even get an addon to work. Completely wiped it and grabbed the version from kodi site. After 6-7 attempts at installing a build I got really frustrated and posted here. Afterwards I figured I’d make 1 more attempt and, to my surprise it worked. I made no changes in computer settings, just gave it 1 more try and it set right up. I’m now running Superman flawlessly yet still don’t know why it took so many tries, ( 16 over 3 days, ). Still don’t know how it happened but sure am glad it did. Thank you for your time, I really 4
appreciate it

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Without installing Bluestacks I don’t know how you got it to work! But glad you did!

The kodi site has an installer where you can choose your platform and use, in my case, a windows 64bit installer which allows it to become an application ( .exe. ) file allowing it to run in program files with no need for an emulator

That’s awesome, I have Blue on mine and use Stremio and such.