Seren Trakt issues

Every time I open up kodi trakt rebulds datebase and then it says unknown error connecting


I’m assuming you have gone through the Seren/Trakt authorization in the Addon? I see that it rebuilds the Database in the few times I’ve used it but not getting that error. Anyway IMO I’ve found there are a few issues that Seren has with Trakt that other Addons do not. Seren will only sort your shows by Date Added vs (alpha) title like every other addon it synchs with. For this reason alone I won’t be using Seren


Yes I’ve authorized it a few times I’ve seen some posts on Reddit about it too so I will just use another add on until they solve this issue thank you for responding have a great day can you recommend a good one for tv shows Using 19.4 version thank you

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@Art Try Nightwing, crew, Patriot. They work well for me.

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Yup and maybe add Wolf Pack to the previous post. Not sure if this list is maintained or updated but this from Troypoint:

I use Seren and was able to change my views to alphabetical. You must adjust in settings.

In settings you are able to rebuild the trakt database. It takes a few minutes but normally fixes the problem.

Great! Can you provide some more detail where you do this? In the settings menu on the Left side where the Sort option is it is set to “Date” It is also grayed out meaning I cannot go into that setting. TY

In settings I change the setting mode to « expert » on the bottom of the left hand colunm.

Then I turn on « Force view types on menues » in the Interface menu. This opens up new choices. I scroll down and change « Collection sort style » to Alphabetically.

Once I open my collections in my shows, I am able to to modify my view option by going left on the outer circle menu button. This opens up view options permitting me to choose my preferences. Once you chose your view options, go right on the outside circle menu button to go back to your collection list.

Hope this works for you.

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BRILLIANT! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! I have been searching everywhere for a solution for this. This 100% Fixed the Trakt/Seren Sorting issue and my Shows are now sorted by Title. Thanks for the solution!

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@mabert and @MarkxG . Done all that already some time ago. But it didn’t and still does not resolve the Trakt issue. Whereby, 80% of my shows and movies are missing.


Just save them to your favorites from within seren, it will save them.

@TP-Dracoo . Thank you for that idea. But i cannot save them to favourites, if they don’t show in my collection. I would have to use my tablet, open my trakt account to see my collection, and search for each individual show on Seren and then save to favourites.

Certainly, if i was just starting out with Seren and Trakt, that would work. Just add each show/ movie as i watched them, to my favourites.

Far too many in my collection to do that. But thank you for the suggestion.


Im talking about saving them to kodi not trakt. It saves just fine.

@TP-Dracoo …sure, i fully understood your kind suggestion. But without a full list of my collection in trakt, my previous post explains why i cannot do that in kodi favourites.

@TP-Dracoo yes but Trakt manages them so much better than just saving to your favorites in KODI. @Dak7385 sorry you are still having issues. I have seen sometimes that Seren will paginate my Trakt Shows in KODI unlike other addons. Have you checked to make sure their is not a page 2, page 3, etc… of your shows? I know it’s frustrating because Seren is a great Addon other than the Trakt issues. Glad I got my sorting issue solved.

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Going to have to search them on seren, and then save them, advoid your trakt list completely. I get how tedious this can be trying to search from memory, trakt works better in weyd and syncler in my opinion.

I havent run into these issues with kodi and trakt. But i always saved them to kodi instead of trakt just incase there was issues.


I know it does. Trakt works better i find in syncler.

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@MarkxG …Yes, i have checked pages etc. The thing is that when you open the side menu, it also shows the number of movies/ shows etc. Mine only show 21 as opposed to real full collection

But, no big deal. I have made the developer and trakt aware. And the responses have been to contact the other party.

Shame really, i liked Seren.

Many thanks.

Mine only showed 21 as well. I went into the settings and under the very first section “Interface” I scrolled down a bit until the choice of “Paginate Trakt Collection”. That was turned on by default. I turned that off, saved my changes, exited Seren then went back in and All my TV Shows were there


@MarkxG Brilliant! As a newbie to kodi, i didn’t do that because i don’t click what i don’t understand🤣. We learn every day!! Thats why i joined this forum.

I will try that later on today and out of courtesy, will get back to you.

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