Seren issues, no providers

I am just at a loss. I have Crew installed on my Onn and it works just fine. However, Seren does not. It seems that no providers are installed. If someone could point me to a video or text on how to install the providers in Seren using Onn, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

The guide shows you how to install it…

Please follow the instructions.

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All works ok with the installation until I get to the following step. It is not shown with Kodi and the Onn box. These options do no show using Onn. Could this be the reason there are no providers?

Do you have the scrapers package and Real Debrid installed? Seren won’t work without them.

I do not have the scrapers package installed. Cannot find where and how to install scrapers. Help please.

Hi @hammer if you follow the link that @TP-Dracoo left you, it gives you instructions on how to set-up scraper provider. It’s near the end of the article

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The guide shows you how. You are doing something incorrectly.

I did not go far enough to the end of the article. Thought after just installing Seren that was all I needed to do.
Finally went towards the end of the article and saw how to install Scrapers. Now all works great. I apologize for not paying closer attention. Thanks to all who helped.


Its fine, but this is why we pressure people on reading the guide. Sometimes we get frustrated because we know it wasnt followed to its full. I knew that was the issue, but i needed you to figure it out. All is well and im happy its working, its my fav kodi setup. I enjoy it more than the crew personally.


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