Seren Identifying resume point

I just did a fresh install of Kodi 19.4 with the Crew and Seren addons. Now in Seren when I select a tv show the season list does not appear and it defaults to the next unwatched episode. Auto resume shows is unchecked in Seren. Anyone seen this problem or has a solution?

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Not sure but you might check to see if autoplay is selected. If so set it to source select.hth I should have added it’s the settings in Seren under playback you’ll have to be on the expert tab and you’ll want to uncheck auto resume from next unwatched episode. And you probably want to check a few other settings there also. And welcome to The insider lots of good information here.

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I already have the source select option selected. Thanks

Reinstalled seren again adjusted settings again but still had the same problem. Decided to go with the arctic skin so I could customize the menus. Was then able to add a shortcut menu item that’s linked to my tract watchlist so it works the same as kodi favorites.

Yes , i just learned that you now have to add a Scraper provider.

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