Seren - block adult content

Hi, not noticed it before but put a search in for a popular recent film, which is just a girl’s name. and got a load of links back which included a large amount of clearly adult content. Glad that it wasn’t setup for autoplay.

Had to remove the add on to prevent family accessing it.

Is there any way, in Seren, to block adult content in the searches?

Seren is configured differently than other kodi addons I’ve tinkered with. With most addons, you can use tools from the opening page of an addon and navigate to a providers tab where you can deselect providers. With seren, you need to select tools-provider tools-manage provider packages. Provider manager listings are displayed. On the right side, package providers are listed. You can scroll down and enable/disable specific packages. It’s not clear to me which packages provide adult content. PirateBay does, that’s one you could disable. Then, repeat the search you described and see if you still get adult content. You could do a process of elimination check for each package. But packages like PirateBay offer more than adult content so disabling it (and others) could reduce your access to legitimate content. I don’t know of a better way to do this at this time. But it’s worth a shot. Good luck.