Send Anywhere App

Download the Send Anywhere app and use it for solving a plethora of issues regarding installing apps!


Is that on tp app or unlinked I would like to take a look at it sometime thanks

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I believe you can get that from any app store. I got it from the Google Play store on my phone, and Shield. I used their own website for my laptop: Download - Send Anywhere (File Transfer) (

This is a really GREAT app! I can use it to send apk’s to anywhere in the internet world. All it takes is to have the app loaded on each device you want to send and receive with one another. In setting up my new tablet I sent a whole bunch of apps from my phone and Shield directly to my new tablet, and everything installed properly. Including this TP Insider app. lol



Thanks for showing us this. It is a good app and should help with some users for files transfer. For transferring files to firesticks this would work. Or people who have more than one device. I just put the troy app on everything then used unlinked. But this works too.


I also want to mention that the TROYPOINT app allows you to install apps from phone or tablet onto streaming device as well. Many people don’t know this exists because they don’t watch the entire video on our setup page here - TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY) - TROYPOINT: Tech Tutorials On Firestick, Kodi, Android TV Box, VPN, IPTV, Streaming, & More