Selecting a new iptv provider

Like a lot of other people I do experience buffering with my current provider. So I am in search for a provider who offers no buffering. The number of iptv providers increases every day, so choosing a new iptv is becoming more difficult. They all say “ no buffering “ and very similar selling features. I have been told that the server they use is very important, servers with stronger speeds improve quality, no of channels and limits buffering. Recently I saw one provider offering an 12 month subscription for 49 usd. So I arranged a trial, the experience was very good. So I decided to look into taking a subscription, they sent me a link to process the subscription. When clicking I saw the price was 89 usd not 49 usd. When I queried this, they said my trial was on a better server, 60 mbps and the 49 usd server was only 10 mbps.

They said the higher speed server’s performance was better and helped more to counter buffering . They also said they had another server with 100 mbps, which again offered an even better service.

Does anyone know if iptv providers do use servers offering stronger performance due to higher mbps ?..

Is the higher premium a better option to ensure no or very little buffering ??

Also I do have a vpn but I don’t use is as it does significantly reduced my internet mb. I do use Ethernet connections but speed with out vpn is 550 mb but with could be only 50 mb.

So again I would like some advice, which is more important to provide quality, vpn or highest internet mb ??

I would be grateful if anyone could guide me through changing to a new iptv provider and is choosing one with stronger server is important and worthwhile if I want to experience iptv without buffering.

Also vpn or not vpn, which is better to have the best iptv experience

Look forward to hearing back from someone


Welcome!!! has a list of IPTV providers/services with information about each. We can’t discuss that here, but with some more research and questions, you could always private message some of our members. If you would like to discuss VPNs, we can definitely do that here. There are also guides in Troy’s research about the best VPNs and how to tweak them for fastest performance.

In all honesty with the IPTV services, it has been most beneficial to me to just try several with good reviews for a short time (a month or if they offer free trial) and see how it works for you and if you like the channel selection/customer service, etc.


In short and not going into great details, higher server speeds with caps on users per server, can certainly affect performance. Also if you have speeds of 30Mbps or better you should be good to go as long as there are no equipment and infrastructure issues. I never stream without a VPN and my VPN has speed up tech and coding built in. On a 100 Mbps line I get consistent 80 to 85 speeds. Again, more than enough for streaming. Buffering is something we all experience and takes a bit of effort to eliminate possible issues that you can actually control like loose connections or bad cables. Then there are things beyond your control like solar flares and storms that affect the internet world wide. This is a fascinating hobby that can consume you if you let it. :wink:
Have fun and STREAM ON.


Miki thank you very much for your reply. The world of iptv certainly does take centre stage these days with me. With the enormous number of iptv providers in the market it is interesting making the right choice. Your feedback on servers does back up what some providers are telling me.

Like most things , if you pay a little bit more you should be getting a better performance

thanks for your message


Hi thanks for your quick response, I have a number of trials but these have been the free ones for only 24 hours. So you only experience a very short snapshot of the performance. This experience may not reflect a normal experience, So monthly paid for trials are the way to progress. I will look at VPN reviews as you suggested
thanks for your feedback


I’m looking for a new IPTV provider any suggestions?


We can’t discuss IPTV suppliers in open forum. ppl will have to PM you to make suggestions or become a patron and have access to locked categories.


Welcome…The best way to a great iptv provider is right here but be warned all these providers are UN-verified and with that take it for what it is. Do not rely on simple one liners telling you this is a great service. Your best bet is to hear it from people actually using it. There is no such thing as a buffer free provider but some are better than the rest. To be honest much of the buffering issues are on your side as well. To achieve “near buffer free” will require a good setup on your part and then choosing a provider thats right for you. Here in this forum you will see and get many choices, choose wisely. Never use a provider that claims you do not need a vpn. Often these type providers are “honeypots” for data collection to turn over to your isp for for service disconnect or warning letters. Have fun in your journey. :+1: