Question? I have not been able to find a service, and I have sampled several, that offer the SECN+ and the ACCN+ networks. They are a part of ESPN. They all have ESPN+ channels. I just don’t see how you can claim to have all the sports channels if those aren’t included. In case you don’t know SECN+ would be the Southeastern Conference and ACCN+ would be the Atlantic Coast Conference. I have seen a SEC+, but that is just a backup for the normal SEC channel.

My one sub has ESPN SEC network. Is that the one? Another has SEC and SEC ESPN Network. and they have ACCN ESPN and one has ACC Digital Network. They all look like local College Football if that’s what you’re after.

Most of the services have the SEC, ACC, Pac-12, B-12, B10 Networks but I haven’t seen the ones with the “+”. I have also never had any working ESPN+ Channels on any of the services I have or had. They are there but no content or it’s sporadic but while ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU…are vitally important I’ve never had a need to watch ESPN+

I have one that has (US) ESPN PLAY SECN (D) and ACCN (D). It also has the regular acc and sec channels/

If it has ACCN, it may also have SECN. If you can tell what service it is, I would like to check it out. I am on messenger if you can send it that way. Thanks

Would love to take a look at it if you can tell what service it is. I am on messenger if you can send it that way. Thanks

I’ll send you an invite link in a PM.

I’ll also send you a discord invite in a PM.