Search function on AppStore not working

On my Firestick 4k whenever I press the search button to search the Amazon App Library I do not get the keyboard shown when it is invoked from either the AppStore app or from the Wolf launcher. It just shows the apps I currently have. It does work under the stok launcher when I navigate to Search via the Find button. This is irritating as it means I have to swap launchers. Any ideas what has gone wrong?

I think that is one of the problems that is inherent with the Wolf Launcher software package.

If I am not mistaking, Troy mentions it in his video. I think the developer is working on that feature.

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Thanks for that - I must have missed it in Troy’s video.

No problem I may have seen or read it someplace else…

That is correct. This has been an issue, along with not being able to access sound and video settings, and other things, with Wolf Launcher. Msgs have been sent to Sweeney and I do hope an update comes soon. I don’t often have to back out of the Wolf launcher, but I would say I do have to 2 to 3 times a week.

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