Screen Scaling on New Onn Google TV Streaming Box

I can’t find in settings the option for screen (picture) scaling on my new Onn Google TV box. It does have "text scaling but that doesn’t seen to change the screen size. My old Onn Android TV box has that option and my tv needs scaling at around 93%. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Scale it from your tv settings

I have had this issue as well. Noticed some apps are needing to be scaled. Because it’s not every app changing tv settings doesn’t seem to be a great solution. ???

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Thanks for the response. I already have the tv adjusted to lowest setting. Doesn’t help. I guess it’s time to get a “smarter” tv.

I’ve got the same problem here, can’t find the setting to shrink the screen a bit.

Not specifically relevant here, but a little tidbit FYI.
You can adjust the screen size in Kodi by going to settings > interface > skin > zoom. My iptv servuce has a screen size menu in settings, but it does not work.

I think maybe Onn or Google needs to push an update. I’ve gone back to using the original Onn with Android TV. It’s a bit slower but at least I can adjust the screen size on it. They should also update both to allow more than one Onn remote to be setup.

Interesting you bring up the remote issue. I have a TV and stereo receiver to control, but can’t seem to turn off/on both pieces at the same time.
My screen, with the same device, is perfect on one TV and oversize on the next TV. Can’t seem to correct it in settings.
I hope when they get some feed back, they push out an update to correct some issues.

“Interesting you bring up the remote issue. I have a TV and stereo receiver to control, but can’t seem to turn off/on both pieces at the same time.”

You dont connect them through HDMI-CEC?

I plug the onn with hdmi into the stereo input and hdmi sterio out to the TV. Should I be doing it another way?

HDMI-CEC is a setting that hooks compatible electronic components together.

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I can’t help you with that, my issues are with screen size and 2nd remote. However, I think in settings you can add a new device like a sound bar and then setup buttons on the Onn remote to control it. You’ll need to search for your brand etc.

It sounds like it is physically hooked up correctly, although I’m not sure how old your receiver is. Maybe the CEC setting doesn’t even apply to your situation, so I may have given you misinformation.

Thanks for the link to HDMI, I’ll have to try some of the tips given in the article to see if I can get it going.
The firestick I just told Alexa to turn it on and it did both stereo and TV.

I was able to change the picture size on my Samsung TV . Menu > picture > special viewing > Fit to screen.