Scrapers for Adina Kodi add on

I installed Adina but get a pop up that says "No external scrapers installed. Advice anyone? Thanks, Scott


Hi. You have to use Real Debrid, authorization is required.

Here is the link for TP manual how to setup Real Debrid. If you have any other questions pls post.

Hope this is as simple a fix as it was for me @xp1618. I’ve had this same issue with a couple of addons the latest being adina. I link my account and I get confirmation saying it was successfully linked then I try it and get the same no external scrapers message. All I did was exit kodi, force close, clear cache then opened kodi back up and it worked. Don’t quite know why but I’ve had it happen with a few different addons lately both on firecube and buzztv x5 box and a pendoo streaming device. Good luck :+1:

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Not sure why my method worked. Maybe proper way as setup would be the same as this How to Install Ezra Kodi Addon (Fen Clone) on troypoint Insider plus I do have a wizard that auto cleans on opening.


After after creating Real Debrid account follow the steps below

Initial Adina Setup

Before using the add-on you have to do an initial setup. Those set-ups are straight-forward, and required only a few steps to complete.

  1. Open up the Adina Kodi Addon and click on the last menu item “Settings”.

  2. Select “SETTINGS: My Accounts”.

  3. Authorize the debrid, meta and scraper accounts you are using. “My choice is: Real Debrid”.

  4. When you are done click on “OK” on the right side.

  5. Back in the settings menu select the item “SETTINGS: Youscrapers”.

  6. On the left side select “Scraper Accounts” and click on “Sync (re) with Your Accounts”.

  7. Confirm with “OK”.

  8. In the settings menu select the first item “SETTINGS: Adina”.

  9. Select “Meta Accounts” on the left side and click on “(Re)Sync Adina Settings with Your Accounts”.

  10. Confirm with “OK”.

Your good to go.

Note: If you complete all the steps without any issues you can use the Adina Add-on. But keep in mind that “VPN Is Highly Recommended” !.

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Very helpful :ok_hand: thanks


You’re welcome. First I created the settings for Ezra Add-on in 3 Steps.

Adina setup the same as Ezra Add-on.

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