Saying Goodbye to API

Saying Goodbye to API

I just received this email on 13 Nov 2023. Not sure if it was SPAM.

Any idea if this will affect the OpenSubtitles setting on Kodi?

Exciting news! is undergoing a transformation, retiring the original [API by the end of 2023] Fear not, as this paves the way for the advanced


From what I just read it means the Application Programming Interface key for .org will be replaced by a new API key for .com
Just have to wait and get it when it’s released.


I got the same email and had your reaction. I attempted the “contact” form and the message was it wasn’t active yet. That leaves us with “wait and see” as the other responder noted.

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I received same this morning

I have both .org and .com

I too contacted them wondering if us non vip will auto update, require us to do something or what…I do don’t like change :frowning:

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Somehow I stumbled upon an API key for In Kodi, how would I apply that key to make it functional?

HI, is free OpenSubtitles gone?