Saving or downloading Kodi Torrents from the Cloud

Good day Like a lot of users I get a message "saving torrent to the Real Debrid Cloud and as a Real Debrid user that would be great if I could access the link if it saved it.

Can I tweak Kodi to avoid this Real Debrid Transfer? Or can I effect a real download?

I only use the “cached Torrents” . I access the setting in my individual addons. When I paired Real Debrid with each addon, there is a setting to click that says " cached torrents only". Click that on. I still get a list of un-cached torrents, but also get a list of cached torrents. The cached torrents do not have to be saved or downloaded, they just play. It works for me. I also got tired of clicking links and seeing “saving to the cloud” and waiting and waiting and waiting. Found out about cached torrents searching on Google how to avoid Torrent downloads. Hope this helps.


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