Sapphire Secure IPTV Not Working

Originally published at: Sapphire Secure IPTV Not Working

Sapphire Secure IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV services available today. As of this morning (Sunday, February 7th, 2021), Sapphire Secure has not been working. We’ve received some questions asking about this and here is what we know so far. It appears that Sapphire Secure got hacked and the person who did this…

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It`s working for me now

Do we know the status? I got my invoice today and trying to figure out what to do

@reisb4 The service is also now working for me as well. I am wondering if the link in your email even works as it would take you to their billing panel unless they already created a new Website. The link probably doesn’t work.

Sapphire is working as of February 9, 2021.


It’s been working for me today. Still can’t get on the website to pay… just waiting

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So the service works, but I can’t pay? I guess that means my service will no longer work.

Hello @reisb4 sometimes when things like this happen, the provider will extend payment deadlines as they know there is no way for people to pay. Hopefully that is case with Sapphire Secure. I don’t have any personal connections with any of these services and I will always keep it that way for legal reasons. Sorry, wish I could help.

I have 2 installs of Sapphire. One I just removed & I cannot find out how to reload it.
The second install was left in the other TV - it just started working recently. Cannot get into the website or find it.
So in short, they are up again but cannot be reached thru the internet.
What is the new website?

Hello @jjeffrey we haven’t heard of any new website yet.

Have not seen a new website yet, but I did notice they extended my cut off date to the 16th, normally it would’ve been on the 8th.
If you’re looking to download the app through Downloader it is:
I downloaded it back on my firestick and it’s been working fine.
Good luck with everything. It’s a waiting game now.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried & got: 0B/66.3.
Am using an amazon fire stick 4k.
I suppose they (sapphire) deleted the app.
Having bad luck with the lower cost apps for watching movies & TV. Broke down and got Netflix & enjoy it. No problems.
If you get any new news please let me know - Thanks

I have two accounts with them. I never lost service with any of the fire sticks or the old fire TVs. I got the second account set to pay the same day as my first. The last pay date Jan 27th they took the payment. Some of my family connections are used as the only tv in the house so I would have gotten a call if any went down completely.

What else can i enter in downloader to get sapphire secure? is not working