Samsung TV Plus delivers tons of new channels just in time for the holidays

Samsung TV Plus delivers tons of new channels just in time for the holidays | TechRadar

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Thx for the info, this is one of my favorite free apps.

You can add it into your IPTV player as well.

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Yep, I like the interface better on the tivimate.

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What is the Xtreme Code for Samsung TV Plus…using TiviMate?

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Thanks TXRon, but the second link went to computer code.

Edit: Darrrr. That’s the extreme code obviously. I think New Year’s Eve is still taking it’s toll on the noggin. What happened to Texas last night?

2nd link is you epg file.

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The first link should auto load the epg…m3u8

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You install the m3u8 in the m3u location, not the extreme location.

Not sure what happened to my TiviMate, but after a routine cache clean, all my credentials went away. Had to find passwords and get back into TiviMate and find the iptv credentials. My Samsung m3u went away also. On the bright side, everything seems to run faster with the new load. Could be that I cleared data by mistake.

Use the m3u8 link @TXRon posted for you.

if the m3u8 doesnt populate the epg, then add the 2nd line into settings.

Thanks guys. A search didn’t turn up this code, so hopefully it’s there now.

Hi ,

Thanks for information you are sending, very hepful !
I have question about SAMSUNG TV PLUS - I understood this is another system and not same like Android .
I have Philips Oled 55 Android TV and as well Google Chromecast - is there any option to have this Samsung TV Plus on my TV or no ? Or is there option to get this on APPLE TV 4K ?

regards Jaan Arvola

I think you are mixing up the Samsung OS, which is Tizen, and Samsung TV Plus which is an IPTV app. I have the M3U8 installed it in my TiViMate playlist. One for US channels and one for Canadian channels. Lots of quality offerings and no buffering. If you don’t want to add the playlist, just install the app.

OK, may you can send this M3U8 address to me

Read the entire thread from the beginning, the URL is there. :point_up_2: