Samsung smart tv help

how can I add troypoint rapid app installer to a samsung smart tv

Hello @bbenner if you have Google Play Store on it you can simply install Downloader and use that to install. Unfortunately most Samsungs don’t have this. I dont know of any other way unless they are using Android TV as the operating system with Google Play available. I have all Samsungs and most of them I just connect a Firestick as it’s hidden behind the television.

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Thank you for your reply. That is what I was thinking that the only way is to use my firestick. I was hoping to not have to put one on this tv though.


Send my files app is very underrated way to send apks and files to your andriod.

Download it on the phone then send to your box/tv.

It’s on the play store. Download it on your Samsung then send from your phone to tv should work.

I would add this to your rapid app just incase I never had to use Downloader with this.

Easy fire tools and apps2Fire are two other options. Easy to use imho.

Our TROYPOINT app does the exact same thing.

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My apologies.

Glad it does. I never used it like that as I always had this on my phone.

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