Safety Dot - Issues?

Is anyone else having issues with Safety Dot flipping itself OFF when the box/stick is powered down into sleep mode and then turned back on? I have had to manually go into Safety Dot app and turn it on in my KM6s recently. Is this app still actively supported by the developers?

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A lot of times I wake a box and it’s not there and get the pop up window not connected. I actually stop using it at times because of the SS Kill Switch I really don’t worry.

No problems for me on the Max. I shut power off every night completely, and when I fire it up in the morning everything works perfectly. Safety dot and Proton VPN.

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I had the issue with my KM6s crashing surfshark, so I turned off Killswitch on them just in case that was causing issues. They are working great now, but that is why I kept Safety Dot. Just wondering if the developers still are actively supporting this app. Their website seems a bit dated.

Join the facebook group. They are active and discuss issues.

Good to know! Ugh I hate Facebook lol. Wish it was Discord or Telegram but glad they still support it.

I agree. FB is just so full of attitude. But you can join the group then leave or quit if it doesn’t give you what you need.

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We need a new version of ICQ :crazy_face: :face_with_monocle:… yea i know…wha :joy:

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ICQ…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Those were the good ‘ole days!

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ICQ is still around. Never used or tried it though. I use whatsapp.

lol, I think the last time I used ICQ was back in the 90’s? cant remember :thinking: :crazy_face:

ICQ and IRC. Daily tools in the 90’s. along with Glary utilities and CCleaner. :laughing:

On one of my sticks, I upgraded to the latest Safety Dot as per another post. I am about to delete it and install again as it does exactly that. It will turn itself off and I must restart it again. The one on my 4k max is older and I’ve never had a problem with it.

I’ve worked on Firesticks that had the VPN Safety Dot shut down by itself, so it seemed. This happened yesterday on a windows laptop and it took me a few minutes to track the cause. Turned out it was the killswitch in ExpressVPN. This not only shut down the Dot but actually blocked the WiFi 5GHz. The 2.4 remained active and connectable. This all seemed an odd behaviour and I shut the setting off. Problem solved. No more Dot shut offs so far after just over 30 hrs.