Rumble addon problem

Is anyone else having issues with the Rumble addon? Was working ing great. Now not showing any links to videos or channels.

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Yes same problem with me. Started about 2 weeks ago. Have searched Web a number of times with no success

Not sure what happnd with kodi, but just checked the rumble app and its working good.

First off, Welcome to the community! And I appreciate the reply.
At least I’m not alone in this situation. Like you said all was working till a couple of weeks ago and then nada. The addon starts ok and displays the usual items but if you pick something like News, Viral videos, Trending etc. It returns no results. if you search for a particular video … nada. If you happen to try a Channel search it just goes into a seemingly endless search never to return.
I checked the website and its functioning well but not so for the addon in Kodi. Ive tried uninstalling the addon and repo but no joy…

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Hi there

Like you I also have tried a reinstall with no success, searched the web for a solution but to no avail.

I also keep hoping for an update as Rumble may have made changes from their end late last year.

In the meantime I will continue to use the Rumble app on my Android tv even though it is not as user friendly as the Kodi add on.

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Hi, I maintain a fork of the plugin that you could try

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I am having same issue. I just set it up and have not seen it work.
uninstalled / installed. Nothing