Router settings

Well I received my new RT-AX68U router yesterday and set it up today. I need to learn how to set it up to get maximum usage out of it. I am not that knowledgeable about electronics but I need to learn the specifics. Is there a site that I can learn all that I can or do I need to break it down by specific sections? All help would be deeply appreciated.

This download gives you the directions. GL2U.

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Thanks again Miki you are the best .


I downloaded instant guard by Asus and it killed my internet speed by 400mbps is that normal?

Not normal however why downloading? Is it not built in the router? On my router its there but I dont turn it on do to networking issues. I keep the dos protection and firewall on . I keep url filter and network services off.

When testing different router settings I suggest try one at a time and make sure all is ok. Changing too many things at once will cause issues.

Ok Txron I will try itthat way and see what happens iI do appreciate all the help.