Router QOS setting for IPTV buffering

Anyone have experience using router QOS settings to eliminate/reduce IPTV buffering on Firestick? Thanks.

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In my case on an asus router I eventually found that turning off qos was best for me needs. But when in use I prefer the cake setting.

Thank you, TeX. I also have an Asus router, but cakeQOS is a little above my skill level. Just turning on the Adaptive QOS switch caused a major meltdown of the router. The internet light went red, and I couldn’t log into the router’s interface. No good even after a hard reset. Asus customer service got it working again, but lesson learned - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Changing the Firestick network connection to 5GHz has removed all buffering so far.

Wow, never heard of a mess like that. For me turning on qos is one click, off one click…so very strange indeed. Qos seemed to hurt my streaming no matter how I set it up or which flavor qos I used. So not using it seems better. If buffering pops back up consider changing the device to a lesser resolution and trust me you wont notice a big difference in quality of picture. Also on some apps you can adjust buffer settings.

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