Router does not allow change of DNS settings

I want to change the DNS settings on my router but there is not an option in the router Admin to do so. I use a DNS Proxy Service, which changes my allocated DNS frequently.I have several devices and hence my requirement to be able to change router DNS settings rather than change DNS settings on every device when there is a change to my allocated DNS Proxy DNS.


Generally that is done in admin of the router, if you dont see it, its either not availiable to you or hidden. I would contact the router mfg for help or their online forum. I use an asus router with un-official firmware to make changes of that type. I find it under lan settings.

*correction that is wan

Hey @John5 I changed mine a few years ago in my TP-Link…it was under Internet on the Basic tab…not even in my Advanced tab. Primary & Secondary boxes…maybe you’re looking for something more advanced & beyond my pay grade…if so, nevermind. :cowboy_hat_face: