Router behind Router set up

Really frustrated and been unable to get any response from Troypoint regarding this. Disappointed as was trying to ‘self help’ myself for setting up from scratch again

There used to be a guide on Troypoint for setting up a dual router system using 2 Netgear routers, One was flashed with DD-wrt and was set up with IPVanish.
This router was running behind a standard Netgear router connected to ISP. This gave 2 networks in my home, a standard one and a VPN one.
Guide has disappeared and it is ironical as I was taking up Troypoints Surfshark offer which has turned out a total disaster and have asked for a refund!!!
Want to reset my original system utilizing the remaining time on IPVanish suscription but since repflashing DD-wrt router to latest firmware I am at a loss as to settings required.

Welcome to the community. I can’t tell if your post was asking for help more than just wanting to vent your frustrations at Troy. Hope you get the assistance you need, good luck!

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Thanks for the welcome.
Yes I am frustrated because I cannot understand why the guide has been removed in the first place and the deathly silence from Troypoint when I asked where it had gone.
All I want is to help myself getting my system back together not tying up people/resources to help me because a guide has disappeared.
I’ve been without my VPN for a week now trying simply to change from one VPN service to another which was a disaster and now I cannot find how to get my router to function again as it did.

There is guides for routers and firmware on that particular guide i will take a look later. Nobody is not answering you. Troy gets a million notifications a day so it may have been missed. I will report back a little later on this. Your router should be fine and i dont know why you need 2.

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@Grumpy1fitting username for sure.

We had dozens of videos regarding router setup on YouTube.

My channel got shut down on multiple occasions and those videos went away. I still have the IPVanish setup video on our website for Asus routers since I still have that video. Unfortunately, VPN on Router is not a popular topic as most people run VPNs on the devices themselves.

When I just saw your comment about this, I searched on my computer for that tutorial and couldn’t find it. This is a very old tutorial.

Things aren’t always what they seem and your comment about “death silence” is ridiculous. As @TP-Dracoo mentioned, we receive hundreds of emails every day. Did you ever pay me for tech support? I didn’t think so. That is why I built this site…so all of you can help each other.

Here is how to do this.

  1. Connect 2nd router to LAN port on back of primary router.

  2. Assign 2nd router a different IP address than primary router.

  3. Change Start IP Address with same IP Address as new one you assigned in Step 2.

Click Save.

Here is an image showing how to do this.


I am grumpy because I am of a generation not up to speed with ultramodern tech and also don’t have the resources to chase the latest tech and gadgets. Sometimes I think you guys assume too much, I’m not computer illiterate but the speed of advancement is daunting…
I started using your site quite a few years ago with my first firestick and loved the depth and easiness of your guides. I set up as you did a dual wifi network as your guide showed where one went through the VPN router and the other was standard.
The whole idea was great because you didn’t have to set up the VPN on each gadget the router took care of that. A couple of years later and now I still want that facility but have lost the guide to do that did that in steps I understood.

Troy is by far and away the best out there at catering to complete tech novices and to experts alike. His videos are right on point, and don’t assume that you know anything at all. Of course, having a little bit of knowledge and know-how will help, as Troy can’t come to your house and set this stuff up for you. Which is exactly what it sounds like you are expecting. I’m glad and I’m sure Troy is appreciative that you have been visiting his website for years. But over those years, you haven’t paid a dime and have benefited from his work. Joining the Insider years later to come yell at him for one video being gone is ridiculous. He is constantly under the watchful eye of many that want to see what he has built go away, so for us to be anything but thankful to him is criminal.

Not to mention, technology changes. He doesn’t need every tech video he has ever made. A lot may not even apply to today’s technological advancements. Nobody should come in here yelling at Troy for taking down his “How to set up an eight-track player” video.


You can still install a vpn on a router. The guide is there.

Also no one is disrespecting you about your level of knowledge or anything. You came out of the woodwork on the offensive thats all. We value our community but keep in mind msgs sent or emails sent can take time. I have over 100 in probably 4 days.

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I steered clear of this question because it seemed like some sort of daisy chaining of routers in order for one to be a vpn and the other not. Makes no sense to me but as Troy pointed out it is. One router with a vpn and proper tunneling with or without a vpn should work and much more simple. imho


If you want some devices behind the router based vpn but not others, using policy based routing is easy with dd-wrt. Two routers not needed

Simply assign static ip addresses to the clients you want behind the vpn. Then list those ip addresses under the policy based routing window in the vpn settings.

Easy peasy

DD-wrt puts everything behind the vpn by default but once you add the ip address, it then will default to only routing those behind the vpn

Example assign an ip address of to the MAC address of your iptv device, the type that same address into the PBR window under vpn settings