RockTek G2 ... new to me

Heres one ive never heard of before that looks loaded and lotsa certs…


Good looking box and a nice price

Yes nice looking box but still pretty pricey for the specs

What caught my attention was

G2 also supports NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW gaming cloud

Only other box to make that claim is the shield

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I just happened to find this on Amazon and searched here. I apparently didnt look into this that hard when Ron originally posted the link, but surely seems like a solid box. $139 maybe a little more than it should be, but certainly has the same or better specs than the $200 boxes. Has anyone tried this yet?

I would like to try this, I looked to see if it has AV1 and did not see it in any specs? Anyone know it would help me decide to purchase this.

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Yes it supports AV1.


Screenshot from 2023-04-08 18-18-37

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Thank you for the info it may be worth trying this box out!

Just an FYI, I decided to try this box. It will be here tomorrow and I will report back. The specs on it were too good for me to pass up, and I haven’t bought really anything recently, so I wanted a project lol. Might be a long weekend with the wife after this, so keep me in your thoughts. :rofl:

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I agree the specs are great on the box. Good luck on testing. I bet its good due to certs.

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Tell the wife that this is the only box you know of that has secret HGTV episodes built in and its for you honey :heart_eyes: :innocent: :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

It appears as though Ron has been in this situation more than once LOL. Your advice may save me from sleeping in the doghouse…you are true wise man! :face_with_peeking_eye: :wink:

G2 is here now and setup, mostly. Haven’t had a chance to use it as much as I want because my son pretty much stole it to watch his stuff already lol. Pretty impressed, though. This thing is fast, super easy to setup, very nice remote, fast internet speeds, automatically linked with my Samsung TV and through CEC controls the soundbar volume. Easy to sideload, paired it with a certified 8k hdmi cable (ugreen) and seems to work beautifully. I will get into more detail starting tomorrow as I get more of a chance to fiddle. Very impressed and satisfied so far.


Yea that remote kinda reminds me of the formuler remote :face_with_monocle: :+1:

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This thing is a terrific box. I was nervous because I didnt know the brand all that well, but I’m glad I took the chance. Most people will be getting Onn boxes because of the price point, I’m guessing, but the G2 has the certs and power to go up against any box. I won’t say it is a better box than a Shield Pro, but it wouldn’t take a back seat to most other boxes out there. I’m still messing around with it and want to test more, but it has handled everything I have thrown at it so far without a hiccup. Not sure if @TROYPOINT would ever do a review on a somewhat unknown (at least to me) manufacturer, but it would open up a lot of eyes as a box that is around the same playing level as the $200+ boxes for $139.


ive been tempted but im currently deep into a nas build or I would try one. :+1:

$189.47 when converted to Canadian funds. I can get the Ugoos UT8 Pro for $ 165 CAD. To steep for me. I’d rather have a Walmart special. LOL

You using a store bought Nas or building a Free NAS or Unraid build ??? I have used and done most of them.