Ring doorbell and vpn

When I have my VPN running on my Fire cube3, my ring doorbell view is blocked. This is the case even though I’ve enabled local net access. I’ve tried Nord and Express VPN and both have the same issue. Has anyone experienced this and come up with a solution?

That’s weird, but maybe the Ring doorbell needs to have your real location to be able to access?


So you are saying that if you turn off the vpn the doorbell works?

Any chance this is related to your problem?


Is the door bell connected to your VPN or directly to your router

It looks like to me Ring Doorbell better fix this issue! More and more people are going to be using a VPN as we progress forward. If you have a family, it is impractical to expect for someone at home streaming to have to turn off a vpn so a person out and about can access the video feed from the Ring doorbell. That defeats the whole purpose of remote access.


Test SURFSHARK and see if the ring software can bypass the VPN.

If I had to guess, Ring doesnt like vpn privacy because they want access to the video in case law enforcement ask for it.


That sounds logical.

Then maybe the vpn guys should consider some sort of remote access to disconnect or pause the vpn.

Exactly PF, exactly… what i was thinking.

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